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Poland has been known as the source of many interesting fintech solutions. It is also perceived as the right place for piloting innovative solutions in the financial industry.

There are currently over 200 fintech companies in Poland and the sector is growing rapidly. According to experts’ estimates, Polish non-banking fintech sector employs around 50 000 people and generates a yearly profit of around 134.5 mln USD.

Products and services provided by Polish fintechs can be broadly divided into several categories such as payments, personal finance management, corporate finance management, loans and credits, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, cybersecurity, insurtech, currency exchange, factoring, software supply, financial comparison engines and paperless (solutions helping in digitalisation). Solutions provided by Polish fintech companies are introduced by a wide variety of institutions, traditional financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies included.

It is worth noting that Polish banks are eager to invest in new fintech solutions and Polish fintech companies are ready to be involved in such cooperation. Polish banks have on a number of occasions shown their openness to experimenting with new services and actively cooperating with less obvious but tech-savvy partners. Such cooperation has proven to be extremely fruitful.

Sectoral reports show that cooperation between banks and fintech companies in Poland is predominantly based on “test before launch” approach. According to the most recent research, as much as around 70% of projects based on the cooperation between tech companies and banks has a commercial roll-out.

Effective cooperation of the banking and fintech sector has inevitably contributed to the fast development of Polish fintech sector. It also elevated the solutions offered by Polish companies to a global level. Nowadays Polish fintechs successfully compete with their foreign counterparts on the Polish market, across the EU and beyond its borders.




Building digital products for the broadly understood financial sector and suppliers of this sector. We serve the following customer groups:

  • banks
  • fintechs
  • consulting companies
  • financial sector suppliers, e.g. identity identification

We help companies from the financial sector to successfully digitaly transform.

In addition to tailor-made services (consulting, custom IT development), we also have our own solutions, such as:

  • Virtual Branch


  • trading platforms

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Karol Stępień
  • Position Head of Banking & FinTech
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 535 501 111

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Ailleron is a globally operating financial technology company, specialising in developing, maintaining and delivering innovative solutions across financial and hospitality sectors.

Our best-in-class solutions reach over 300 million customers daily in 30+ countries worldwide, supported from offices across Europe, North America and Asia.

Ailleron is trusted by some of the world largest financial institutions. Our solutions have been recognised by customers, partners and international community globally (eg. FinovateFall in New York, EFMA Digital and Mobile Excellence, European Business Awards). Since 2015, Ailleron have been listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Our flagship products: LiveBank (Virtual Branch), Mobile & Internet Banking, eKYC or AI Banking digitize and transform key processes within the financial services industry providing unique customer engagement, smart automation, personalisation of processes and seamless integration with existing legacy systems.

Mobile & Internet Banking allows for multidevice access to all type of accounts, effortless payments, highest security standards for digital collaboration, communication, routing or recording. You can design your own remarkable experience and get the most out of omnichannel.

Digital Onboarding (eKYC) guarantees fully digital client’s identity verification. It allows for aggregation of customer data, biometrics checks, document authenticity and external databases verification. eKYC allows for acquiring and using banks product in a matter of minutes.

AI Banking offers the premier AI-based platform for boosting digital banking capabilities, customer engagement and segmentation. We combine intelligent technology with behavioural elements to better predict or induce some of customer’s future actions, transitions between different segments, personalization of offering or converting some of the processes into high-touch or self-service in a seamless manner.

Digital corporate banking provides an omnichannel, multiproduct digital banking platform, built with an intelligent modular structure, that enables banks and their corporate and business clients to automate business processes while, allowing for greater profitability and efficiency.

Our sense of social responsibility and willingness to nurture company values resulted in the creation of our charity “You can count on me”. We have been helping people and society from our very beginning.

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Marcin Konkolowicz
  • Position Regional Sales Director
  • Email address
  • Phone +65 81 894 516

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Autenti is a Trust Services Platform Ecosystem that is a unique combination of electronic signatures, innovative technology, and legal settings. Our mission is to educate the world on e-signatures and its benefits.

We convince business owners, companies and corporations to reduce paper and implement e-solutions into their business. We have created and are constantly developing the platform for the approval and signing of documents online, which will be the European standard for e-Signature & Identification. The Autenti platform is based on our own IT solutions:

  • eIDAS Trust Services Platform [e-signatures/e-seals]
  • ID Broker - Remote Identification Marketplace
  • Business Process Automation Solutions
  • Multi-channel Registered e-Delivery

Fintech Autenti was launched in 2014. Today, we are the first choice platform for e-signatures in Poland. Among our shareholders are three major banks - BNP Paribas, PKO Bank Polski and Alior Bank. Our partners and clients include Rossman, Decathlon, IKEA, EY, WWF, Microsoft, Google, Siemens, Würth, and many more.

Autenti’s numbers (as of the end of May 2021):

  • 2,000,000+ Documents Signed Electronically
  • 11,949 Business Accounts Opened
  • 1,848 Paying Customers from Every Sector of the Economy
  • 120+ Dedicated Solutions for Enterprise Clients
  • 3 SaaS Plans with Freemium Business Model

What makes Autenti unique?

  • Interoperability of all types of e-signatures in a one-stop-shop solution
  • Marketplace model with many KYC & qualified certificate providers
  • Enterprise-level BPA solution for on-site & remote transactions
  • Ecommerce method and e-signature solution with freemium model

You may use Autenti as a self-service solution for digital transactions with the use of trust services, but also as an end-to-end critical business process solution provider for enterprises. We have just started international operations. The Autenti platform will soon be available in at least 24 languages.

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Grzegorz Wójcik
  • Position CEO
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 601 160 611
  • Name Mr. Tomasz Plata
  • Position CMO
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 516 444 290

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Cross is one of the most experienced software houses in Poland (est. 1988).

Especially in creating top solutions for highly-competitive industries of *utilities, *fintech and *banking.

We have built the firm around the notion of being customer-centric which helps us deliver value while creating and nurturing long-term relationships.

Cross is a creative and highly experienced team of software engineers who have skills across multiple programming languages and technologies, e.g.: * desktop, *mobile, *web, *AI, *blockchain.

This translates to high performance solutions, which enable our partners to succeed.

We offer software development, product design and IT consulting services.

Apart from that we have a suit of own products that includes: SecureDocs – fraud prevention, document storage, authentication and verification; utilities selfservice portal; utilities billing and more.

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Mikołaj Glinka
  • Position CIO
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 509 399 611

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Digital Core Design

Digital Core Design

DCD-SEMI is a leading IP Core provider and System-on-Chip design house from Poland. Company originates from DCD, est. in 1999 and is devoted for innovative IT solutions for cryptography, fintech, automotive, industrial automation or consumer electronics. DCD-SEMI mastered more than 70 different architectures, among them e.g.

+ CryptOne – an innovative cryptographic system based on elliptic curves (more can be found here:

+ D32PRO – designed from scratch, 32-bit Royalty Free CPU – fully scalable (power/performance) – more here:

+ DQ80251 – World’s Fastest 8051 CPU, more than 75 times faster than the original ’51 invented by Intel

+ LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, CAN-XL – holistic solutions for automotive mastered and delivered by one company.

Apart from above, DCD-SEMI can offer innovative CFD solutions (Computational Fluid Dynamics) which target inter alia automotive, aeronautical and energy engineering. Our revolutionary solution can significantly shorten time needed for CFD phase of the product. More detailed information can be found on

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Tomasz Ćwienk
  • Position PR Manager
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 502 915 777

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Digital Teammates

Digital Teammates

At Digital Teammates we create, deliver and maintain software robots that automate jobs that people hate to do - tedious, repetitive, requiring a lot of manual typing from one system to another. We help companies boost productivity of their operation teams. We leave to humans the tasks they do well i.e.: those requiring complex pattern matching and decision making. We do all that and more without any upfront cost from our clients. We take care of all necessary infrastructure, licences and above all making sure robots are ready for work at all times. All we ask in return is fraction of the cost of the current employee. We believe that modern operations require robots working hand-in-hand with people as their Digital Teammates, allowing our customers to grow their business, by having a flexible operational workforce.

Most of all, our vision is work where you can more and have to less. We’re convinced that every person can get up on a Monday morning with a smile on their face because interesting, and inspiring tasks await them each workday, which gives people the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Meanwhile digital teammates happily perform the less interesting tasks. Digital transformation is a big opportunity. At the same time implementing new technologies often means spending significant amount of resources, time, and effort, which many companies cannot afford. We believe that innovative solutions should be available for businesses in all sectors, not only for big players.

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Mariusz Pultyn
  • Position CTO
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 606 779 318
  • Name Mrs. Katarzyna Ziętek
  • Position Business Development Manager
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 798 654 941

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Piwik PRO Analytics Suite - analytics solution for finance sector, government institutions and other data sensitive organizations

Piwik PRO makes powerful, privacy-compliant analytics software and offers high-touch support, so customers can get the most out of their data. Analytics professionals from leading organizations, such as the Government of the Netherlands, Crédit Agricole and Greiner, optimize customer and user journeys with Piwik PRO.

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is fully compliant with the Korean privacy law and thanks to its privacy & security focus and elastic deployment (cloud, private cloud, on-prem) it is a perfect solution for highly regulated sectors like finance and banking.

The four parts of the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite (Analytics, Tag Manager, Customer Data Platform, Consent Manager) work together to collect the most data possible (even in post-login areas) while respecting the wishes and privacy of those whose data is being collected. Verify and analyze everything fast, right in the platform, and keep full control of the data – during collection, at rest and in case of any exports or transfers.

At Piwik PRO we believe that the privacy and security features we offer will help introduce trust between those collecting data and those who own the data – individuals like you.

Trust will lead those collecting data to get more and better data. Businesses will gain a competitive advantage. Public institutions will operate more effectively and efficiently.

All those people who provided data can expect better service in return – better customer, user and citizen journeys that will make the internet a more productive place for everyone.

Contact information

  • Name Mr. Greg Jendroszczyk
  • Position Account Executive/Data Protection Officer
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 71 716 69 50

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Vintom is a company specializing in communication technology. Our technology allows global brands to deeply personalise video content based on the data they have about customers' behaviors, interests and accounts.

It allows businesses, for the first time, to genuinely address millions of customers individually, not only calling them by their name, but presenting them key data about their account or the status of their purchases.

Vintom has run 400+ campaigns in 30 countries around the world for some of the world's most recognisable financial services companies, including CitiBank, ING, MetLife, Generali, Nationale Nederlanden, BNP Paribas, Zurich, Allianz, Vitality, Santander and many more.

Our solution helps to:

  • Engage customers
  • Build loyalty
  • Boost sales

We cooperate closely with the following industries: banking, insurance, telcos, automotive, energy & utilities, charities.

We care about social responsibility. That’s why we contribute every year to charity causes. We also care about our planet and work in offices that are on track to become carbon neutral by 2023.

Contact information

  • Name Mrs. Justyna Lubańska-Gómez
  • Position Client Account Manager
  • Email address
  • Phone +48 530 599 557

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