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Yachts and boats manufactured in Poland have gained appreciation all over the world. They are known for their superior quality and exquisite workmanship.

There are around 1000 yacht-industry related companies in Poland. The vast majority is located either along the Baltic Sea coast in Western Pomerania region or in one of the two regions famous for their abundance of lakes and reservoirs - the Warmian-Masurian and Podlaskie regions. Polish yacht yards manufacture around 22 000 yachts and boats per year.

Polish shipyards are well known for producing a wide range of boats, among which there are motor yachts 6-9 m in length (Poland is Europe’s biggest and world’s second biggest manufacturer of this type of yachts), large catamarans and super yachts of up to 40 m in length, large luxury motor mega yachts up to 24 m in length, large ocean going sailing yachts of up to 15 m in length, displacements boats intended for recreational activities on rivers or lakes, houseboats and – following the latest trends – electric and solar boats.

Polish companies do not only produce yachts and boats but also supply relevant equipment and parts – e.g. masts, sails, upholstery, ropes, metal hardware and antifouling paints among others. These products are supplied both for Polish shipyards and for famous brands from all around the world.

About 95% of yachts and boats produced in Poland is exported, primarily to Norway, France, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany. The export volume is growing steadily. According to Polboat (Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports), the value of boats exported from Poland doubled between 2013 and 2017, rising from about 286 million USD to 575 million USD. This clearly shows that more and more buyers of luxury goods form both Europe and around the world appreciate Polish products.

Polish shipyards are constantly innovating their production processes. Five axis CNC milling machines and infusion technology are already extensively used by many manufacturers. The use of high quality materials and composites such as carbon-fibre laminates and Kevlar is also becoming widespread.

Yachts made in Poland have already become synonymous with high quality and competitive prices. Recent years have brought the rise in interest in Polish yachts among buyers from Australia and Asia.


Sunreef Yachts

Sunreef Yachts

Established in the port city of Gdansk in 2002 by businessman Francis Lapp, Sunreef Yachts is a world-leading shipyard specializing in the design and construction of bespoke luxury catamarans. Comprised of a team of interior designers, naval architects and engineers, Sunreef Yachts boasts the knowledge, experience and technical background necessary to build the most unique multihulls in the world.

The shipyard’s range of customized crafts comprises luxury motor and sail multihulls as well as multihull superyachts. The company has also introduced a trailblazing range of sustainable catamarans with avant-gardist green tech such as the world’s first composite-integrated solar panel system.

Each Sunreef bespoke catamaran is meticulously designed before being constructed with high-quality composite using the most advanced technology in the business. Every Sunreef yacht boasts high-performance, tailor-designed accommodation, vast living spaces, and impressive autonomous range. Combined with outstanding onboard amenities and unparalleled comfort, stability and safety, every second on board a Sunreef yacht is exceptional.

Sunreef Yachts has a global presence, with sales offices found in Poland, Dubai, Miami and Montenegro. From the very first concept design to the final delivery of the yacht, all stages of the design and construction phases are undertaken at the Sunreef Yachts facilities in Poland.

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